Some small updates ♥

Just wanted to inform you guys that I have made some small changes on my blog, and I will probably make some more changes before I'm happy with the result. I have been trying to resist the urge to change my blog too much, but I'm still not happy with the layout, so I will try to get it right.

But, as you probably can see I have fixed on my header a little bit, The other one was not good! We'll see if I keep it this way, or make a new one. Right now, I like it :)

And, I have fixed the blog slightly, so now I can post XL pictures! This I prefer because sometimes smaller pictures can lie a little bit.. But now you can see all the looks in detail, and pick on my mistakes :P

Hope you like these changes, please leave a comment on how you think! It is you guys that read my blog, and without you I will have no reason to wright about makeup ;)

xx Therese

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