EOTD: Idyllic Hustle

Todays EOTD is very fall inspired, and appropriate. I used my MAC Idyllic paint pot, which came out with their fall collection (Posh Paradise) last year. It is a lovely lilacy burgundy duo chrome-ish color (I'm not the best at describing colors :P ). It looks soo soo lovely in the little pot, but when I slap it on my eye it looks like I've been punched. For my skintone, reds, pinks and many purple colors are almost impossible to wear, since I have such a delightful pig-ish pink undertone. Which sometimes by the way seems more like my actual skintone. So I haven't really found a use for it yet. Until today (happyfaceee).

I also have to mention that my eye area have been dry as Sahara lately, and therefore the lack of posts on the blog. I have to use a cream containing stereoids (my eyes are getting pumped to the max :P hahahah) to get my eyelids back to normal... It is crazy!
So today I felt for a dark smokey eye using fall-ish colors, so I grabbed my Idyllic Paint Pot and my Naked palette and started on my war paint :P

It looks more brown than burgundy purple on camera.. The lighting was just soo bad today...  

I LOVE it. Hustle toned down the paint pot exactly right, the purple/burgundy still shows through, but I dont look beaten up. This will be my fall go to look. You can jazz it up a little for a night out with a pair of loushes lashes and some black eyeliner on the waterline. Or a bright/ dark lip. Whatever you prefer :)

Products used:
MAC Paint Pot/ Idyllic
UD eyeshadow/ Hustle
UD eyeshadow/ Sin

UD eyeshadow/ Naked
NYX JEP / Milk

What is your favorite color for fall? Mine is dark browns :)

xx Therese