Review: Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara

Today, I'm reviewing a mascara I bought quite recently, and that I've heard a great deal about, the Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara. This mascara comes in a neon orange tube, with a very fat brush (when I say very fat, i mean it!). This is what Rimmel Claims:
 "One Stroke Volume Revealing Mascara. A brush this big, volume so fast, this is simply scandalous! Introducing ScandalEyes, our first big brush mascara that quickly reveals even shy, unnoticeable lashes in one simple stroke!Our MaxDensity™ brush is 50% larger, covering the whole lash line to capture each and every lash. Supersize formula! Triple collagen + keratin formula plumps even the thinnest lashes. Lash Out Loud! 12x more volume and scandalous eye opening impact! No clumps. Lashes so big, volume so fast! Volume so loud your lashes will scream!"
And yes, the brush is GINORMOUS in comparison to mascara wands I normally use. To be honest, I was a little bit frighten the first time I opened it and saw that huge black monster that I supposivley should wriggle on my lashes (I do exaggerate just a tiny bit, but I'm definetely NOT used to brushes of THAT calibre. omfg...) But finally I found the curage to put that fat bastard near my eyes, and I was actually quite surprised.

The packaging is bold and likeable :)
No, this mascara does defenitely not give extravagant volume with the first stroke, and to be honest, I didn't expected it to do so eighter. However, if you layer this mascara in thin coats at a time, it gives a wonderful, voluminus effect to the lashes. It does not give off too much length, if any,  this is a volumizing mascara, so I was not expecting it to lengthen them eighter. I am in love with the volume it gives me though, it builds very nicely (for a cheap mascara), and it don't clump my lashes so that it looks like I have three lashes eighter, so I'm very pleased with it. The wand separates the lashes nicely, and it is great as an everyday mascara, since you have to build it up to get that dramatic volume.

Mr. Fattie :P

Though, one major downside to this mascara is that it flakes a little bit as the day goes on. And it is a little bit annoying, since it delivers such an amazing result. And it runs quite easily, so if you have a runny eye, or if it waters a little bit, it smudges. It is not a waterproof mascara, but I would have expected a little more hold.

                         Before                                           After

I have listed som pros and cons with this mascara.

Gives great volume
Builds nicely
Can be used day and night
Great packaging
Easy to apply
You get 12ml!! (High end mascaras is about 6-7ml...)
Medium formula (not too thin, eigher too thick)

Smudges easily
Requires more layers for a very voluminous look (time consuming)
Not cruelty free

Rimmel ScandalEyes to the left, Extra Super Lash to the right. Just to demonstrate the difference..

Overall I do like this mascara and the effect it gives. The flaking and smudging can be minimized with a waterproof mascara on top, but I don't have one at the moment. It doesn't bother me much though, it stays pretty much put during an 8 hour shift at work anyway. It might be my new favorite mascara for volume :)

 This retails for £6,99 at Feelunique (I bought it for about £8,90 in Norway, the contry where everything is overpriced!...)

What is your favorite mascara at the moment?

xx Therese


  1. Do you find the brush too be a bit too big? Because I do and I end up getting it everywhere!
    Also does it hold you curl? Because it doesnt for me :( I can't find a good mascara that holds my curl!

    1. I don't use a lash curler with this mascara, because I find it curls my lashes pretty good, and it holds decently throughout the day. To be that big of a brush I find it quite easy to work with, but it happens that I get blobs here and there when I apply, but I'm so clumsy when it comes to mascara that it happens with all brush sizes.
      Waterpoof mascaras tends to hold the curl well, but its such a pain to get off that I don't use them :P


  2. My favorite mascara at the moment is Max Factor Xperience Volume. It's been a favorite for quite a while now, and every time I switch up my mascaras I tend to go back to one of my two Max Factor favs: Xperience Volume or False Lash Effect. :)

    1. I haven't used Max Factor mascaras since I was a young teenager (which makes me sound very old :P ).Maybe it is time to try them out again? I've been quite into Rimmel mascaras for the last year, trying out some of the different mascaras they have to offer, since they're on the cheaper side :)