Quick Update: New Camera!!

So, my camera is an ancient (probably an antique by now), version of Sony Cyber Shot. And it is PINK! (Which makes me feel like a three year old little girl when I carry it around, trying to take pictures..). I used to love that camera, and when I got it it was really a good quality camera, and the pictures was great.

A couple of days ago I did a look that was meant to go up on the blog yesterday. But when I saw through the pictures none of them did the look any justice (luckily for me, I was smart enough to write down all the products I used, I really loved that look!). I also took some photos with my phone, just to see whether it could be used or not. The front camera did a better job than the other two of capturing the right colors. But the quality of those pictures...Awful. So I decided to get a new camera :D

This was my choice, Canon Ixus 230

I have read a lot of good reviews of this camera, and the guy who sold it to me also raved about it (Yeah, I am probably the easiest person to sell to, since I fall for everything those sellers say..) I'm really exited to try it out, so keep your eyes out for a new EOTD post :)

Have a wonderful day!

xx Therese

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