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Today's blog-post is going to be a little different.  I want to tell you about a thing I did for others, a thing that we take for granted, because we are used to have it. It is with us every day, 24/7. We shape it, cut it and it seems like we're never happy with it, no matter what. Or, at least, I certainly take it for granted, every day. What if I suddenly woke up one day without it?

Yes, today's topic is about hair. Some have thin hair, others thick hair, it can be curly, or straight, or just wavy. But we all have it, and for us women, it is an particularly important feature to have. It is, apart from a fat ass and boobs ( :P ) what defines a woman. And for most young girls, long locks is what's most wanted. But, not all small girls can save their hair to grow long and beautiful hair. In fact, some have, of various reasons, no hair at all. and for a little girl, it is really hard to face the day without hair on their head. What will other girls think of them with no hair? Will people stare? Will people accept me? And so on.. At least, this is some of the insecurity's that would have occurred to me if I suffered from some kind of hair loss.

So one day I sat there, thinking about those girls. I have been blessed with very thick, healthy and well growing hair. And to be honest, I've been dying to try a shorter cut, but I never dared. My hair grows fast, sometimes faster than I like. And I felt really ungrateful for my hair. I mean, I have thicker hair than most girls, plus it grows fast. And all I do is complaining of my thick hair that grows like weeds.

Then I heard about Locks of Love. A non-profit organization that actually accept hair donations, worldwide. What a great way to support some of those girls, to be able to make their wig, to make their confidence grow, to give something meaningful to another human being.

I read through the descriptions, and my thoughts started spinning. Since I really wanted to try out a shorter cut, without really daring to do it, but give my ponytail to someone that "need" it more than I do? And that's what motivated me to do it. So I cut my hair, for charity. And I am so happy with the result!

This picture was taken still at the hairdresser. My ponytail...</3

I hope that some little girl will get use of my (now ex) ponytail. Give it a life of love and care, I donated my locks of love, with love :)

And dumb as I am, I didn't get the hairdresser to take a before and after picture. That means I'll have to look through my pictures, and take some new ones.. *facepalm* They will be inserted here once I find some good pictures.

Want to make a donation, or learn more of the organization? Click here♥. I was not in any way paid for this, I just do this out of my own free will, and I want to spread the word. And who knows? The next donation might be from you?

xx Therese

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