Just another beauty blog...

I'm a girl from Norway with a addiction for cosmetics. I'm not the typical girly girl, but when it comes to makeup, my feminine side takes absolute control over my brain. Well, since I'm a girl, I have to be feminine, right?

On this blog you can expect to read reviews, see my different makeup looks, about skincare and other things that falls under the category of cosmetics/ beauty. 

I really hope you will forgive my writing at the moment. English is my second language, but still it feels more natural blogging about this topic in English, since I'm an absolute YouTube junkie, and watch a lot (and yes, I mean a LOT..) of beauty videos. That makes me feeling a bit weird trying to explain methods, and reviewing things in Norwegian. So don't expect my language to be perfect. I will try my best, and by trying, and hopefully with a little bit of feedback (* angel face*) I eventually will become better. 

If you have any suggestions of what posts you would want to see, please leave a comment.

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day!

xx Therese :)


  1. i just started a beauty blog as well! i am from the states and trying to get into posting about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. good luck!


    1. Isn't it exiting? :D Good luck with your blog, I'm sure we'll get into it and totally nail it :D hehe.