Review: Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara

Today, I'm reviewing a mascara I bought quite recently, and that I've heard a great deal about, the Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara. This mascara comes in a neon orange tube, with a very fat brush (when I say very fat, i mean it!). This is what Rimmel Claims:
 "One Stroke Volume Revealing Mascara. A brush this big, volume so fast, this is simply scandalous! Introducing ScandalEyes, our first big brush mascara that quickly reveals even shy, unnoticeable lashes in one simple stroke!Our MaxDensity™ brush is 50% larger, covering the whole lash line to capture each and every lash. Supersize formula! Triple collagen + keratin formula plumps even the thinnest lashes. Lash Out Loud! 12x more volume and scandalous eye opening impact! No clumps. Lashes so big, volume so fast! Volume so loud your lashes will scream!"
And yes, the brush is GINORMOUS in comparison to mascara wands I normally use. To be honest, I was a little bit frighten the first time I opened it and saw that huge black monster that I supposivley should wriggle on my lashes (I do exaggerate just a tiny bit, but I'm definetely NOT used to brushes of THAT calibre. omfg...) But finally I found the curage to put that fat bastard near my eyes, and I was actually quite surprised.

The packaging is bold and likeable :)
No, this mascara does defenitely not give extravagant volume with the first stroke, and to be honest, I didn't expected it to do so eighter. However, if you layer this mascara in thin coats at a time, it gives a wonderful, voluminus effect to the lashes. It does not give off too much length, if any,  this is a volumizing mascara, so I was not expecting it to lengthen them eighter. I am in love with the volume it gives me though, it builds very nicely (for a cheap mascara), and it don't clump my lashes so that it looks like I have three lashes eighter, so I'm very pleased with it. The wand separates the lashes nicely, and it is great as an everyday mascara, since you have to build it up to get that dramatic volume.

Mr. Fattie :P

Though, one major downside to this mascara is that it flakes a little bit as the day goes on. And it is a little bit annoying, since it delivers such an amazing result. And it runs quite easily, so if you have a runny eye, or if it waters a little bit, it smudges. It is not a waterproof mascara, but I would have expected a little more hold.

                         Before                                           After

I have listed som pros and cons with this mascara.

Gives great volume
Builds nicely
Can be used day and night
Great packaging
Easy to apply
You get 12ml!! (High end mascaras is about 6-7ml...)
Medium formula (not too thin, eigher too thick)

Smudges easily
Requires more layers for a very voluminous look (time consuming)
Not cruelty free

Rimmel ScandalEyes to the left, Extra Super Lash to the right. Just to demonstrate the difference..

Overall I do like this mascara and the effect it gives. The flaking and smudging can be minimized with a waterproof mascara on top, but I don't have one at the moment. It doesn't bother me much though, it stays pretty much put during an 8 hour shift at work anyway. It might be my new favorite mascara for volume :)

 This retails for £6,99 at Feelunique (I bought it for about £8,90 in Norway, the contry where everything is overpriced!...)

What is your favorite mascara at the moment?

xx Therese


Mini Haul: MUG Eyeshadows & Z-Palette♥

Last week MUG (Makeup Geek) had a sale on her eyeshadows. I'll admit it, I've been dying to try out those eyeshadows. So I simply couldn't resist the urge to hit the "order" button. The colors I ended up with is somewhat boring though, mostly everyday colors, but they seemed most appealing to me at that time. I also ordered a Z-palette so that I could order pans instead of compact, which makes storing a lot easier. I'm very impressed with the shipping! One week after the packages (have to order things separately to avoid taxes...) was shipped, they appeared on my doorstep! From the US to Norway, that is reasonably fast shipping, considering shipments from UK often take about two weeks plus (very annoying!).

 A little collection photo of my purchase

I took the picture with flash, because I found that it gave the most accurate colors.

 The eyeshadows from left to right: Shimma Shimma, Gold Digger, Bleached Blonde, Shimmermint, Mandarine

 My camera will for some reason not pick up orange as it should.. The Mandarine color is more orange than red...

OMFG, I LOVE this Z-palette. I'm totally obsessed with leopard print at the moment.

The eyeshadows...Aaah, so smooth and well pigmented. Those swatches was just one swipe! Can't wait to try them out.

That was all for today's blogpost, feel free to leave a comment on my most recent purchase. 

Btw, what do you think of my strawberry table cloth? :D I think it's soo adorable and summery. Makes me smile every time I look at it (yeah, I'm such a dork..:P )

xx Therese


My locks of love ♥

Today's blog-post is going to be a little different.  I want to tell you about a thing I did for others, a thing that we take for granted, because we are used to have it. It is with us every day, 24/7. We shape it, cut it and it seems like we're never happy with it, no matter what. Or, at least, I certainly take it for granted, every day. What if I suddenly woke up one day without it?

Yes, today's topic is about hair. Some have thin hair, others thick hair, it can be curly, or straight, or just wavy. But we all have it, and for us women, it is an particularly important feature to have. It is, apart from a fat ass and boobs ( :P ) what defines a woman. And for most young girls, long locks is what's most wanted. But, not all small girls can save their hair to grow long and beautiful hair. In fact, some have, of various reasons, no hair at all. and for a little girl, it is really hard to face the day without hair on their head. What will other girls think of them with no hair? Will people stare? Will people accept me? And so on.. At least, this is some of the insecurity's that would have occurred to me if I suffered from some kind of hair loss.

So one day I sat there, thinking about those girls. I have been blessed with very thick, healthy and well growing hair. And to be honest, I've been dying to try a shorter cut, but I never dared. My hair grows fast, sometimes faster than I like. And I felt really ungrateful for my hair. I mean, I have thicker hair than most girls, plus it grows fast. And all I do is complaining of my thick hair that grows like weeds.

Then I heard about Locks of Love. A non-profit organization that actually accept hair donations, worldwide. What a great way to support some of those girls, to be able to make their wig, to make their confidence grow, to give something meaningful to another human being.

I read through the descriptions, and my thoughts started spinning. Since I really wanted to try out a shorter cut, without really daring to do it, but give my ponytail to someone that "need" it more than I do? And that's what motivated me to do it. So I cut my hair, for charity. And I am so happy with the result!

This picture was taken still at the hairdresser. My ponytail...</3

I hope that some little girl will get use of my (now ex) ponytail. Give it a life of love and care, I donated my locks of love, with love :)

And dumb as I am, I didn't get the hairdresser to take a before and after picture. That means I'll have to look through my pictures, and take some new ones.. *facepalm* They will be inserted here once I find some good pictures.

Want to make a donation, or learn more of the organization? Click here♥. I was not in any way paid for this, I just do this out of my own free will, and I want to spread the word. And who knows? The next donation might be from you?

xx Therese


EOTD: A Flamepointed Sin

Finally I got around to play with my makeup and test my new camera (!! Exiiiiteed :D ). This look was inspired by Sugarpills amazing eyeshadow, Flamepoint. I absolutely love that orange, and I've managed to create some looks incorporating this lovely bright orange, but still keeping them very wearable. So without any further rambling, this is how it turned out!

I simply LOVE it!

I am so happy with the final result. The orange really makes my eyes pop, which is always a plus ;) And it is very wearable. I just loved the contrast between the blue and orange on the lower lash line. You could also change it up by making the eyeliner on top a little more dramatic, and skip the colors on the lower lashline. This might become my new summer go-to look. 

Products used:
UD primer in Sin
UD eyeshadow/ Sin
UD eyeshadow/ Minx (Vegan Palette)
UD eyeshadow/ Virgin
Sugarpill eyeshadow/ Flamepoint
Milani Eye Tech liner/ 01 Black
Rimmel Extra Super Lash mascara /101 Black
Rimmel Soft Kohl/ 071 Pure White

Question of the day: What is your current favorite eyeshadow? Mine is (as you might have guessed, Flamepoint! :D

Have a fantastic day!
xx Therese


Quick Update: New Camera!!

So, my camera is an ancient (probably an antique by now), version of Sony Cyber Shot. And it is PINK! (Which makes me feel like a three year old little girl when I carry it around, trying to take pictures..). I used to love that camera, and when I got it it was really a good quality camera, and the pictures was great.

A couple of days ago I did a look that was meant to go up on the blog yesterday. But when I saw through the pictures none of them did the look any justice (luckily for me, I was smart enough to write down all the products I used, I really loved that look!). I also took some photos with my phone, just to see whether it could be used or not. The front camera did a better job than the other two of capturing the right colors. But the quality of those pictures...Awful. So I decided to get a new camera :D

This was my choice, Canon Ixus 230

I have read a lot of good reviews of this camera, and the guy who sold it to me also raved about it (Yeah, I am probably the easiest person to sell to, since I fall for everything those sellers say..) I'm really exited to try it out, so keep your eyes out for a new EOTD post :)

Have a wonderful day!

xx Therese



EOTD (Eye Of The Day)

Today's look is done with the Isadora Pool Party palette, that came out with a summer collection a couple of years ago. When I bought it I had no idea about makeup, I just found the colors to be pretty. For a really long time I didn't know how to use the colors, they looked sooo pretty in the pan, but on the eyes..(I'll admit it. It looked horrible when I tried). So i totally forgot about it. A couple of months back I found it again, and decided to try it out to see whether my skills had evolved (pokemon flashback! :P ) or not. And this was the result:

I am quite pleased with the result, if you forgive my eyebrow... I liked how it turned out. The picture was taken with my mobile, so I had to photoshop it just a little to improve the quality. Will try in future posts to use my camera, if I can figure out a way to get the pics on to my computer ( my pc don't support the memorycard...Ancient digital camera..)

Products used:
Urban Decay primer
Isadora Pool Party quad
NYX sSide on Pencil in Glitzy Gold
Maybelline gel eyeliner

L'orèal Color Infaillible eyeshadow in 006 All Night Blue
Rimmel Extra Superlash mascara in black

Question of the day: What is your favorite color? Mine is blue :)

xx Therese

Just another beauty blog...

I'm a girl from Norway with a addiction for cosmetics. I'm not the typical girly girl, but when it comes to makeup, my feminine side takes absolute control over my brain. Well, since I'm a girl, I have to be feminine, right?

On this blog you can expect to read reviews, see my different makeup looks, about skincare and other things that falls under the category of cosmetics/ beauty. 

I really hope you will forgive my writing at the moment. English is my second language, but still it feels more natural blogging about this topic in English, since I'm an absolute YouTube junkie, and watch a lot (and yes, I mean a LOT..) of beauty videos. That makes me feeling a bit weird trying to explain methods, and reviewing things in Norwegian. So don't expect my language to be perfect. I will try my best, and by trying, and hopefully with a little bit of feedback (* angel face*) I eventually will become better. 

If you have any suggestions of what posts you would want to see, please leave a comment.

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day!

xx Therese :)